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Devin Lockett

BiomedRx Technology is the product development arm of BiomedRx Inc. We are involved in the production of innovative products for use in healthcare. Among our current concepts are:

  • Radionics and Psionics
  • Rife Machine
  • Ganzfeld Experiment technology
  • Integratron Technology
  • Searle Effect Generator
  • Zero-Point Energy

We are currently accepting credentials for engineers and inventors. We are also accepting prospectus from investors. Feel free to contact us for more information.

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Phone: (424) 204-2382


How to become a BiomedRx Hemp distributor.
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Please send us an email expressing your interest, and we will contact you promptly. We only drop ship wholesale to distributors with orders of 10 bottles or more, not including DMSO.

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